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Reinventing Optics to
Accelerate the Development of Safer and More Efficient Therapeutics 

Elio is a sensing company that innovates new approach for cell analysis and drug development. We employ the power of advanced optical filtering to research live, label-free cells and their phenotypes in real time.

Elio modifies the role of optics to provide an unbiased view of biology 

At Elio, we are passionate about accelerating the development of safer and more efficient therapeutics by enabling researches a comprehensive and rigorous study while preserving the sample and its functionality

Thousands of Assays in Seconds

Our state-of-the-art technology is based on innovative optical computing, allowing us to provide an exhaustive analysis using small quantities of unprocessed samples

Future Research
On Your Bench

We recognize that each research project has distinct requirements. Elio provides scientists with unmatched capabilities to tailor and adapt filtering to the specific cellular environment directly within the laboratory.

Holistic View

Concurrently observing intracellular and intercellular phenotypes across all cells enables a comprehensive response analysis of the whole sample, enhancing predictions of efficacy, toxicity, and safety.

Decoding the Cellular Environment

Illuminating for in-depth understanding of  the cellular landscape, establishing a platform to assess the impact of any stimulus

Connecting the Moving Dots of Your Complex System

The time is ripe for Elio's confluence of optics, AI, and biology
Modern AI thrives on diverse and complex data, and Elio's groundbreaking technology unveils a new dimension of data, presenting a distinctive convergence to address the intricacies of biology

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