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Harnessing the Undefined:
Profiling Cellular States
in Complex Environment 

Investigate biology

  when it happens,

    where it happens,

      the way it happens

No labeling presumptions

Avoid biases by eliminating the need for predefined markers or tags. Promote consistency with the elimination of human personal perspectives of analysis.

Results at your lab bench

Obtain direct insights and data using off-the-shelf optical settings or customize with your samples directly in your lab.

Preserve sample

Preserve the pristine condition of your samples, ensuring they remain undisturbed and uncontaminated for precise results. No damage, dilution, or contamination. Eliminate the need for additional processing, cleaning, or expansions.

Continuous analysis
of cellular dynamics

Monitor cell behavior and interactions continuously in real-time within the depths of the 3D sample, capturing every nuance regardless of measurement duration.

Array of assays on the same unaltered sample

Conduct thousands of distinct measurements in mere seconds, offering a comprehensive view of both intracellular and intercellular phenotypes. This approach not only accelerates your research but also ensures heightened analysis integrity by completing the examination within the same sample.

Versatile tool

A comprehensive device offering multiple optical techniques, including imaging, spectroscopy, holography, interferometry, and more, simplifying your workflow.

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